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We provide unique Work Loop models for the assessment of inotropy in  human cardiac muscles and myocytes, directly measuring minute changes in the force of contraction.
We have received multiple grant awards and are currently engaged in a 3-year, NC3R/InnovateUK project to miniaturise the Work Loop platform.

Work Loop

Work Loop models are considered the gold standard of inotropy measurement. We manipulate heart muscle and myocytes to simulate the heart's natural movements whilst simultaneously measuring the force generated. 

Work Loop shapes can provide insight into a drug's mode of action.

Sarcomere Shortening

InoCardia's sarcomere shortening model offers a higher throughput means to identify inotropy in a test drug. Contractile length and speed changes due to drug are rapidly assessed, ranked and compared to known substances.

Bespoke Studies

Our scientific team have wide expertise and knowledge in the safety pharmacology field. Need to find out more about your experimental drugs? Get in touch with us.

Our Team
InoCardia is staffed by a highly dedicated and driven team of safety pharmacologists. The team has unique expertise in the complex manipulation of tissue and cell required to support inotropy studies.
Professor Helen Maddock
Helen is founder and CSO of InoCardia, and Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology & Pharmacology at Coventry University. She is the author of over 40 publications and patents. 
Dr Jeremy Billson
Jeremy has been InoCardia's CEO since 2016. Prior to this he held senior commercial and drug discovery research roles in the Biotech and research services sectors.
Dr Rob Wallis
Rob is a highly experienced and respected safety pharmacologist, having previously been Head of Global Safety Pharmacology at Pfizer. Rob's understanding of the needs and expectations of Safety Pharmacologists is a key element of our business.
Dr Mayel Gharanei
Mayel is Lead Research Scientist at InoCardia and Research Fellow at Coventry University. He has worked on the optimisation and validation of InoCardia's Work Loop models

InoCardia's labs and offices are sited in Coventry, UK
During 2018 we will be moving into a new, purpose built laboratory and office facility.  Fit out is expected to begin in the second half of 2018.


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